Over the years we have developed a series of career planning concepts and ideas that we call Netweaving: Building a Servant Leader’s Network that you can download and use in your job search. We believe these concepts are essential to finding the right job efficiently, building a career and having fun doing it.

There are three documents necessary to utilizing these concepts:

1.The first document, Netweaving: Building a Servant Leader’s Network is a PowerPoint that summarizes all of the key concepts in our networking methodology. It is a valuable help for both career searches for both in transition executives as well as employed executives in planning and building their careers.

2.The second is a Market Profile Format for you to focus in identifying the kinds of opportunities that you are looking for. It requires you to make decisions about the kinds of opportunities you really want and define the top three. Also provided is a completed Sample Market Profile. This is one of two key documents to be circulated to your networking contacts in a job search.

3.The last, A Netweaving Biography, is an example of a biography that highlights your values and principles. The rationale of this kind of biography is that values and principles lead to trust which leads to referrals for job opportunities or business referrals. It is very personal because it addresses the whys and hows of an individual’s career history. It is the second document that you circulate.

Lastly, we have inserted an expanded definition of our Five H Culture for you to think about in deciding the kinds of organizations you wish to be a part of in the future.


This list of books and websites on career development, netweaving, servant leadership and business practices has been suggested by our network. You can help us by recommending your favorites to info@jcaseyassociates.com.

Career Development and Networking/Netweaving

Recommended Reading

  • Bob Littell, The Heart and Art of Netweaving
  • Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone
  • Nick Corcodilos, Ask the Headhunter
  • Bob Burg and John David Mann, The Go Giver

Articles to Download for Reading

Recommended Websites